Ready For A Mini Original 'Melrose Place' Reunion?!?!

Kristin Santos of E! News reports that original MP alum Amanda (Heather Locklear), Jane (Josie Bissett), Michael (Thomas Calabro) and Jo (Daphne Zuniga) will all reunite in the courtyard of 4616 Melrose Place on the 16th episode of the new series. The setting? A big party in the courtyard that I bet Amanda will behind. It reminds me when Amanda threw a party in the courtyard to celebrate new beginnings in season two's first episode, where she officially joined the cast as a Special Guest Star. Is this the same scenario here? Also, this event will mark the first time that more than two characters from the original show has appeared onscreen together in the new series. Hopefully Sydney could appear in a flashback or something to make it five?

Also, the report listed that Amanda will be in all of the remaining episodes except one. So, again, Amanda will factor prominently for the rest of the season. Wonder whose man she will come after first? Lauren's (David) or Riley's (Jonah), my money is on the former.

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