Recap of Glee, Episode 1.21: "Funk"

Terri's back! It's been quite a while since we've seen the former Mrs. Will Schuester; apparently, she's like those locusts that strike every 17 years, except that you can't ward off Terri with 1/4" mesh netting. Her return meant the official end to her marriage to Schue (the least tear-filled end to a marriage since Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves, or at least since Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley), not to mention the opportunity for Puck and Finn to receive and then shirk their jobs over at Sheets 'N' Things, resulting in shenanigans. (Two guys who shirk their responsibilities and get involved in shenanigans? Sounds like the plot to Weekend at Bernie's, except that Finn and Puck's exploits don't involve very many corpses wearing sunglasses.)

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