Stargate Universe: Kino Webisode 19 "Only Run When Chased" Recap

MGM released the latest SGU: Kino webisode yesterday entitled, "Only Run When Chased", and it's just a filler webisode that focuses on how the Destiny crew kill time.

They rewatch a South Park episode and run laps.

The webisode opens with Park, Eli, Volker and Brody laughing at an episode of South Park when Scott walks up. He asks if that was the 50th time that they watched the episode and Eli comments that each viewing has layers that you have to peel back (he is so right).

But Scott wants them to get ready for their work out, which gains groans. I mean Scott is looking at the least athletic people on the ship. I would groan as well. Volker states that he only runs when he is chased, which Scott says might happen on an offworld mission. He then tells them his workout plan for the day: 8 laps around a quarter mile loop that will give them a two mile run. Frak that!

Scott then gloats about how fast he can run, which Eli challenges him to with a granola bar. Scott takes up the bet and has Park time him. When Park says go, the group watches Scott sprint off and Eli takes back his granola bar and they continue to watch South Park.


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