Recap: "Seeing Red"

Crashes, gunfights and mobsters abound in this Season 7 finale of CSI: Miami.

Ivan Sarnov is eating in the jail cafeteria when he collapses and is taken to Dade General. The ambulance is cut off by a car and then pushed by an SUV into the path of an oncoming train, which hits the ambulance, setting it ablaze. An who rises from the ashes? Sarnov. The police arrive and a shootout ensues. Sarnov runs off, and the officer is left for dead on the ground. When Horatio arrives, one of them tells him that he has a daughter and in typical fashion, Horatio offers to take care of her.

Horatio is on a mission to find the owner of the car. He goes looking for Sarnov at a bar, where his number two, Gregor Kasparov, claims to not have seen him. Yelina comes over and kisses this guy and then throws a drink in the face of Horatio, who has her arrested.

"Your curtain is down on your country Caine. The future is ours," says Gregor.

"The show ain't over," says Horatio.

Of course, Yelina is undercover again. She tells Horatio what she knows about a gun shipment that was intercepted from the Russians by undercover agents. The deal was set up by Sarnov from the inside. The Russians may be planning on stealing back the shipment.

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