Recap - The Mentalist 4.08 "His Red Right Hand"

Last night's episode of The Mentalist, "His Red Right Hand" saw the return of Patrick Jane's nemesis Red John and plenty of shocks for the audience.

"His Red Right Hand" begins sweetly enough, with Rigsby and Van Pelt sharing a moment cuddling in bed before they're both phoned separately by Lisbon. They arrive at a cemetary building, where a dead and frozen man has been found naked - his modesty preserved by a carefully arranged bouquet of yellow roses. While on the scene, Jane gets called by Bosco, who tells him to come see him as soon as he can.

The CBI returns to the department headquarters, joining Bosco's secretary Rebecca as she's bringing coffee to her boss. The coffee is soon spilled, as Rebecca discovers Bosco and two of his agents gunned down in his office. Stunned by the bloody crime scene, Jane stands immobile as Lisbon tries to revive Bosco, only spurred into action when Lisbon shouts at him to help. The building is locked down; Bosco is revived on scene by paramedics and taken away in an ambulance.

Lisbon sends Van Pelt and Rigsby to interview people in the building and check the security cameras. Jane still seems to be in shock, but then he tells Lisbon that Hicks is missing. The team investigates, and finds he's not at home and his car is gone. They interview Rebecca, who tells them Bosco's team was close to making arrests in a drug cartel case. Van Pelt is stunned when she and Rigsby discover there is missing security footage; that the cameras were disabled during the crime.

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