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Oh man, you guys! I think I might have been more excited for One Tree Hill's return than Gossip Girl's, if only to see how the show was going to deal with the departure of two of the show's principle characters. Would we learn that Peyton, Lucas and baby died in a fiery car crash? Perhaps the always sickly Peyton got cancer (after all, it's in her genes) and died, only for Lucas to off himself out of grief (then Brooke gets a baby, yay!)? Nah, they've just gone off to some indeterminate place, too far away apparently to attend Jamie's b-day, but free to come crawling back to The CW once Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton realize that One Tree Hill was as good as it was ever going to get for them career-wise.

So how is Tree Hill faring without Lucas and Peyton and now that 14 months have passed (thanks Dan Scott, narrator for the night)? Read on and find out:

Haley James Scott

Life is not too shabby for Haley James Scott - she's married to a pro-basketball player, operates a record label (I guess Peyton gave it to her as a parting gift?) and is making music again (which also functioned as the song for the obligatory OTH extended opening montage). But...nothing can be too perfect, as looming troubles include the label being in danger and a scandal involving her husband.

Nathan Scott

"Who is that skank with her hands all over Nathan Scott?!" Oh, phew. It's just a body spray commercial...because Nathan has made it big now and does things like make body spray commercials. However, his first year as a pro-baller is up (convenient that all of Nathan's pro-ball time was off screen) and his contract has not yet been renewed. Luckily he has obtained his very own Jerry Maguire who is on top of things, but will a woman claiming she slept with him on the road ruin everything?

"Peyton used to say people always leave. Who knew she was talking about her stupid ass? - Brooke" But where did she go?!?!

Brooke (and Julian)

Brooke was a little less central to this episode than usual, as she was relegated to rolling around on the beach with Julian, then pining over his absence, then rolling around on the beach with him once more. But she did have the best exchange of the episode:

Julian: You coming or what?

Brooke: That's what she said.

Also, Sophia Bush looked absolutely gorgeous.

Dan Scott

Man. While this show was trimming the fat, I really wish they had done away with Dan Scott. I just don't think he has anything left to contribute to the show beyond sheer absurdity (like this). But no such luck. Dan is alive and well, and now a motivational speaker.


Haha. They must have filmed this episode before this happened. Funnily, Skillz announces in this episode that he's starting a business. We should warn him that selling fake social security numbers is illegal...


Did. Not. Need. To. See. That.


Whoa! Millicent is smokin' hot and powerful within the Clothes Over Bros empire now. Clearly the previous barrier between Millie, power and hotness was her glasses.

The Replacements

Quinn - Haley's sister

We are introduced to Quinn (yet another sister of Haley's who has materialized out of the woodwork) in the beginning montage, who apparently is one of those creepers that likes to take pictures of random children. Turns out though that Quinn's a legitimate photographer, so I guess that makes it ok. More on Quinn: She's totally hot (naturally) and we later learn, is married (bummer!), but has left her husband (score!). This means that she's free to eventually hook up with...

Clay - Nathan's agent

A welcome addition to Tree Hill, Clay (played by Robert Buckley of Lipstick Jungle), is Nathan's agent and apparent new BFF (as he comes to his son's birthday party and brings Jerry Rice as a present, who, btw I had to Wikipedia...oops...guess I really am the OTH demographic). Not only does Clay appear to be good at his job, but he talks to his Mom on the phone (awww) and oh smokin' hot. Why he only went half-shirtless in this episode is a mystery to me.

So...what did everyone think of the premiere, the newbies and how the show dealt with the absence of Lucas and Peyton?

Overall, I didn't feel as though the show had some sort of gaping hole because Lucas and Peyton were gone. In fact, I hardly noticed (or cared) that they were missing. Much like in real life, people move away and the world continues on. I mentioned in previous reviews, Lucas and Peyton - kinda dull - so maybe this cast shift and introduction of new characters is just what this show needs to breathe some new life into it. What do you think?

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Sep 15, 2009 4:02PM EDT

Haha, looks like I am in the demographic as well as I literally have never seen that guy before (nor heard of him) in my entire life. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. And not because of the absence of Leyton as I too thought they were dull. I don't like this moping Brooke they've introduced, she only made me laugh once and I expected more. Also they didn't really introduce any big storylines, well none that seemed interesting to me anyway... If we compare this season premiere to last years, it was quite boring! As for the new people, well I didn't dislike anyone (always a good sign) and I actually quite liked Quinn but no one screamed great character to me. The highlight for me was the naked scene with Skillz and Mouth (didn't wanna see it but it was funny...). Anyway, it wasn't the greatest start for me, but I am betting it will get better...

Sep 15, 2009 6:38PM EDT

the show now sucks without peyton and lucas.... dont think ill bother seeing it.... just saw the first episode because i was curious...

Default avatar cat
Sep 15, 2009 9:37PM EDT

It was a really good episode, I was just tweaked by the fact that they just don't explain ANYTHING about where Peyton and Lucas are... :S Basically after 14 months, we now know that they are alive and not in Tree Hill... Thanks for that....

Sep 16, 2009 12:30PM EDT

Didn't you see that truly EVERY sexy guy of One Tree Hill got his shirt off!! WOW What an episode hahaah!

Default avatar cat
Sep 16, 2009 4:39PM EDT

The episode was okay, but it could have been better if Lucas and Peyton were there... I mean they've been in all 6 seasons, and I would really want to see them in the 7th.. I hope they could reappear or whatever.. OTH would really suck without them..

Sep 19, 2009 3:44AM EDT

I completely agree with everything thing that you said, almost laughed out loud, but really still in love with OTH!

Sep 21, 2009 4:08PM EDT

would have liked some closure on peyton, lucas and baby sawyer. hope they return for an episode or sumit, like in the last episode wen brooke and julian get hitched! cos that its inevetable that is whats goin to happen.Anyways I think it would have been better to tell the story of where lucas and peyton went cos it seemed awkward wen jamie read out the gift tag from lucas pressie 'love uncle Lucas' where was aunt peytons name or baby sawyers? and wheres sawyers baby pics at brookes? cos she would definetly have loads after all p.sawyer and b.davis are best friends.....

Default avatar cat
Sep 22, 2009 10:29PM EDT

I have never been so disappointed in my entire life. The last season ended so perfectly and the writers and producers have completely ruined the show by continuing it. This is exactly the same problem that happened with The O.C, when Marissa left and everyone tried to go on introducing pointless problems that just made the viewers unhappy. Lets face it, One Tree Hill is nothing without Lucas and Peyton. On top of that, I will (excuse my french) shit a brick if I just spent six years watching Nathan and Haley be amazing to find out that he turns out to be a total prick like Dan all along. If so, congratulations writers and producers of One Tree Hill, you have ruined my favorite show of all time.

Default avatar cat
Sep 22, 2009 10:30PM EDT

PS: Dan and Rachel! What the french were these people thinking?

Default avatar cat
Feb 27, 2010 3:21PM EST

bad idea.....really bad, should have ended with season six,now everything seems like they are stretchin' a pointless story...

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