Doctor Who: "Victory of the Daleks" Season 5, Episode 3 Review

The Daleks: arch-enemy of the Doctor, scourge of the universe, and, now, simpering khaki-clad teasmades. In fact, it's tempting to view 'Victory of the Daleks' as a sly dig at the Daleks' transformation during the Russell T. Davies era from remorseless killing machines to bumbling slapstick alien fodder, with this Mark Gatiss-penned episode introducing the iconic alien menace as little more than over-sized kitchen appliances.

Indeed, the whole of 'Victory of the Daleks' felt like a flimsy (if much-needed) excuse to reboot the series' long-time villains rather than an attempt to provide any real narrative meat. Things started out promisingly enough though with a fairly irresistible WWII premise featuring the Daleks as Winston Churchill's secret weapon against the Nazis during the Blitz.

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Apr 19, 2010 7:42PM EDT

I really liked this review because you said alot of the things I've been thinking about this episode.I didn't want my lack of enthusiam towards the new Doctor Who to be about the fact that David is no more playing him. It is actaully just that I think that the show has gone a bit FLAT.This episode lacked something that couldn't be grasped. Whether it was the script or the acting or just me, I felt that something needed to break through and not just ride on someone else's coat tails.I can see that the crack in time and space story is what will get me because every epi I've seen so far has had that crack lurking in the background and that has intrigued me alot.Bring it on new DW, the potential is there and I excited to see more.

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