'Fringe' Season 2 Teaser: One Lesson, One Floating Question, And We're All Still Left Hanging

Fox has unveiled a new teaser promo for the second season of Fringe, which kicks off on September 17 (and every Thursday since) from 9pm. And, well, I'd like to call it the power of editing, because it's just ridiculously frantic.

Okay. So it's simply all of the show's cast (except for Kirk Acevedo, whose fate still remains a floater after all those contradicting spoilers) talking about what we should expect on the next batch of episodes, edited with a lot of cuts and in a very frantic manner. I get what they say, yeah, but I can't really grasp it, unless the editors are somehow talking about the parallel universe Livy found herself in.

Oh, wait, I think I found something. "The team's going rogue now," Peter says. Right, I remember they were asked to drop the William Bell investigation, right. That makes sense. And then it continues being frantic, the usual "it's absolutely exciting" bits, and then Sharp talks about what she can't say, and then...

"The first scene of the second season is..."

Cut to titles.

No clues, sorry. I'm still waiting for an official synopsis from Fox before I can post the photos from the season premiere, so forgive me on that regard. But I think there's something new we can glean from this. What have we learned today? One, the team will literally go underground. And two, we still don't know what'll happen to Charlie.

To See The Promo Click Here.


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Aug 26, 2009 9:43AM EDT

I can't tell if this is you dangling a string in front on my eyes or seriously not knowing what is going to happen and just guessing...It would probably be the later.

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