Recap: "Chaz Dalton's Space Camp"

This week marks Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Darnell's (Eddie Steeples) first full epsidoe back in Camden after their Witness Protection fiasco. With his friends back safe and sound, Earl (Jason Lee) can finally go back to worrying about more normal things

As the Turners work on getting their lives back in order, Darnell is most excited about finally being able to freely use the Internet and sets about creating a profile on Buddybook ("what MySpace and Facebook used to be before old people ruined it"). Meanwhile, the three people doing the most work are Earl, Randy (Ethan Suplee), and Dodge, who hopes to do enough chores to earn a trip to Chaz Dalton's Space Camp. This brings back many memories for Earl, who attended the same camp with Randy when they were young. Ever since that time, Earl has held Chaz Dalton in high esteem - he's one of the few adults Earl respected and, in his opinion, a bona fide American Hero. Not surprisingly, Dalton is also on Earl's list since he stole the former astronaut's space suit, accidentally shrunk it, and never brought it back out of embarrassment.

When Earl travels to the space camp to apologize, he is brought to tears out of both his shame and his still-apparent admiration for his hero. Dalton merely accepts the apology and maintains that telling the truth is enough and that nothing else needs to be done. However, Earl begins trying to track down a replacement space suit, and while doing so, he uncovers a secret. Viewing a gallery of astronaut portraits, he sees one of Chaz Dalton, but it isn't the same person he grew up admiring. He and Randy soon track down the real Chaz Dalton (Curtis Armstrong), who they find drunkenly bumbling around his yard. Blinded by his sense of betrayal, Earl overlooks this and urgently convinces the actual Dalton to go and confront the faux-Dalton. He agrees, on the condition that he can control the radio on the car ride.

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