The Office Season 6 Episode 25 Recap: "The Chump"

Brace yourselves America, because you are about to watch one of the funniest episodes in Office history. Will Michael break things off with his mistress Donna? Can Dwight and Angela ever resolve their contract? How long will it be before Jim and Pam can get back into the swing of the office life? All your questions, and more, are about to be answered...

The episode opens with Toby showing the office a new series of Radon Test Kits. He wants to make sure Michael hears about them, especially because he has thrown three of them out in his office (twice by mistake, and one for "spite"). Michael tries to make a couple jokes in order to make the his employee feel stupid, but he goes way too far by saying, "If I were in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice!" Oh, Michael. Luckily, Dwight and the gang steer this awkward conversation into one about discussing curved bullets, Creed's "favorite James Mcavoy movie Wanted, and a demonstration by Dwight.

As we found out last week, Donna, our favorite boss' new love, was in fact married. When Michael gets his heart broken, it stalls the office, and in order to keep that from happening this time, Pam and Erin plan a party filled with special ice cream and a viewing of Mr. Bean. However, when Michael arrives to the office, he seems completely fine, and acts as if nothing is wrong. Hmm, this is strange. Something doesn't add up.

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