The Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Kelly goes kookadoodle Season 3, Episode 11

Recently I'd begun to worry that I wanted to break up with the Housewives. All of their manufactured dramas had grown tiresome and tedious. And yet last night, towards the end of what had been an overwhelming week and all I wanted was a good, deliciously silly hour of TV, came the perfect such hour. This may have been my favorite episode of the entire franchise. And Sonja, I must say that I think you are the most delightful, sweet-natured, refreshing horndog ever to grace a Bravo production. Somebody get this woman a Hooters girl to cuddle up with stat.

'Buzz kills' LuAnn and Jill decided to sit out Ramona's bachelorette trip to St. John. Jill was mercifully absent from the entire episode - in seclusion brain-storming ways to wrest the unflattering story line from the producers' clutches - but LuAnn came through in a big way with some studio time. Apparently when LuAnn gets near a microphone, the spirit of James Brown takes over her. 'Ho!' she said unconvincingly. 'Oh!' Oh no! Seriously LuAnn, never again. Her producer, a ridiculous man, thinks natural ability is cool and all but does he really want to go see Itzhak Perlman and Mariah Carey in concert? 'I mean, those are unbelievable singers,' LuAnn says. Well actually '. oh, never mind. Anyways, LuAnn takes off her jacket and snaps her fingers and shakes her narrow hips a little, reminding us in an unforgiving climb up the scales that elegance is lear-er-er-ned. That tomcat wail is what her producer is talking about!

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