Heroes Season 4, Episode 12: "The Fifth Stage" - Recap

In this episode of Heroes, Claire and Gretchen take a tour of Samuel's carnival to get a closer look at what the carny leader is offering. Meanwhile, HRG tries to track Claire down while also confessing his interest in rekindling the flirtations between him and Lauren that she had "Haitian-ed" in the past. And Peter, who sets out on a mission to bring Nathan back, puts a serious beating on Sylar (with a nail gun!). Would Peter be able to save Nathan? Of course not, but let's find out how everything played out anyway.

"Who said anything about sex?"

The episode begins with Samuel appointing Eli, the star of the upcoming straight-to-DVD release Multiplicity 2: Night at the Carnival, as his new right-hand man. Excuse me, men. That's right, Eli (The Riches' Todd Stashwick) has the ability to replicate himself. His first task is to take all of his many selves to HRG's apartment and retrieve some old Primatech files.

Unfortunately for HRG, this puts a damper on his movie date with Lauren. Actually, the date was ruined almost before it got started when HRG discovers that Claire has run away with Samuel's compass. (It's probably a good thing, what with all HRG's anxieties about post-sexual revolution dating.) Although Lauren tries to use her CIA gizmos (cell phone triangulation and Google maps, really?) to track down Claire, HRG can't help but blame himself for driving Claire to lie to him. He says his "suffocating need for control" ruined his marriage with Sandra, drove Claire away and even ruined his relationship with Lauren.

Wait, what? Lauren, or course, has no recollection of these twice-a-week breakfasts with HRG because she had her mind wiped. But HRG tells her what passed between them, and she, to HRG's chagrin, is a little upset that he is trying to rekindle the old flame now that he's available. Before they can have a proper argument, Eli shows up, replicates enough to scare HRG and Lauren into the bathroom, and makes off with the Primatech files as instructed.

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