'Chuck' : A Diamond in the Routh

We got our first taste of Daniel Shaw (guest star Brandon Routh) in this week's episode. Routh is definitely a great casting coup for this season of Chuck, but what of Shaw's secret past? He sure made a big spiel about the trouble family and friends can cause in a spy's life. But if that look on his face as he pulled out a wedding ring is any indication, there's a lot more we have left to learn about this guy. Could his desire to keep people at arm's length have anything to do with losing someone close to him? If I were a betting woman, I'd say yes.

As for Shaw's involvement in the Chuck/Sarah relationship, well, I'm not entirely opposed to obstacles. See: Bryce Larkin and Jill Roberts. Maybe it's because I know (or at least really hope) that Chuck and Sarah will eventually figure out their feelings for each other. While Chuck might have left Sarah standing alone at that train station in Prague, I couldn't help but notice the look they shared when Sarah claimed that it can help a spy to know there is something to lose. My conclusion: all hope for a Chuck and Sarah reconciliation is not lost.

But before they head the way of a Jim and Pam happily ever after (hopefully after Chuck has many more seasons under its belt), why not throw a love triangle our way to spice things up? Or a love quadrangle, if what I've read about Kristin Kreuk's recurring character Hannah (appearing in Monday's episode) is correct.

Finally, now that Shaw's the point man in all things concerning the Ring, I can also see him teaching Chuck a few things about the spy game. Like how not to end up staring forlornly at a mysterious (for now) wedding ring. Plus, it might be nice for Chuck to have a proper spy mentor that he's not in love with or is cynical of his spy potential.

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