The Hills Season 5, Episode 17: "On to the Next" - Recap

Kristin and Brody

With Jayde out of the picture, Kristin is moving in on her former beau Brody. The two go to dinner and Kristin coyly asks Brody what he "can and can't do" on his break with Jayde. The date must have gone well because soon Brody is taking Kristin by his mom's house where the two ladies gush over how things used to be, and how cute K. and B. are together.

Kristin and Brody continue to hang out and head to the club Playhouse. They start talking about their future and when he asks, "What do you want out of this?" Kristin responds, "I don't know." But of course drama ensues when Jayde and her girlfriends swing by. Jayde immediately goes into crazy ex-girlfriend mode and yells, "What the f--- are you doing?" She also reminds him that they're just on a break and that doesn't mean he can go and date other girls. Just as Kristina and Jayde start going at it, Brody tells Jayde, "It's about you being psycho; that's why we broke up" and leaves.

The next morning Brody is at Kristin's talking about the night prior. Kristin tells him she doesn't want to get hurt if he's going to get back together with Jayde (a vulnerable side to K-Cav we don't usually see), but Brody claims there's no chance he and Jayde are getting back together.

Audrina and Justin

Audrina and Lo have lunch and Audrina woefully wonders why the spark between she and Justin Bobby won't go out. Lo tells her to be careful. "I don't want to have to give him another nickname, OK?" We all remember that Lo originated the "Justin Bobby" moniker.

At Cayenne, Audrina meets Justin and says it would be amazing if they could work things out. His response: "I don't know, kiddo." Looks like we got the old Justin Bobby back. Audrina then asks about Kristin and when she makes a little comment about the possibility of Kristin going back to him, he gets angry and says, "You made your point." He then decides to make his point obvious by telling A. he met her to "finalize something that's not there." Ouch. He also tells her that he had something different with Kristin and that he went somewhere with her he's never been before - this all being figurative, as J.B. often is. So Audrina does the only thing that could possibly make the situation better: She leaves.

Heidi and Spencer

Heidi continues on her quest to have little Speidis, but Spencer is still not having it. So he tells his friend Charlie what any loving husband might say in this situation: "You gotta go to Beverly Hills when you're debating about cutting off nuts." He tells the doc his wife is in baby mode and he wants to make sure that doesn't happen. But when he finds out that it's not so easily reversible, complete with a visual that pretty much scars him for life, he runs faster than you can say "nuts."

At home, little next-door neighbor Enzo hears Spencer talk to Charlie about the doctor, and immediately spills the beans upon Heidi's arrival. She gets defensive and he explains that he thought it was a seven-minute procedure, but left when he found out the real deal. "You would've gotten that done, came home and said, 'Hi honey, I snipped my balls off'" is Heidi's response. "You knew I wanted kids when you married me, so it sounds like marrying me was the biggest mistake you ever made," she says. Heidi then leaves Spencer to ponder.

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