The Hills Season 5, Episode 16: "I'm Done With You" - Recap

The time has come for Justin Bobby to get the old heave-ho - especially now that Kristin and Brody are becoming more cozy. The two go for a little catch-up stroll on the beach and Brody says that he and his Playmate girlfriend Jayde are on a break because although he loves the girl, he doesn't want to fight anymore.

Meanwhile, it's Heidi's favorite time of year. No, not the holidays; it's her birthday. And what does every narcissist want for her birthday? Her not-so-doting husband to throw her a big bash. Oh, and for him to not help her plan it at all.

At Bodega Wine Bar, Kristin meets J.B. for a little date and tells him she's going to Heidi and Spencer's party. Justin doesn't want to "run into that," so he plans to pass on the party, but tells Kristin he wouldn't be surprised if Audrina befriends her there and tells her everything. Kristin, curious what "everything" means, tells Justin, "I'll be honest with you always if you're honest with me." The girl may be a beeyotch but she's certainly a no-B.S. beeyotch and I appreciate that.

At Speidi's shindig, Jen Bunny makes a surprising visit. We haven't seen her around since she went behind Lauren's back to hook up with Brody in Season 2. After Kristin's arrival, it's time for Spencer to give his wife her birthday present. "I know how you want to get pregnant... here come the only babies this husband is ever going to provide you," he says as he hands her two puppies. Every girl loves a puppy, but did he really have to segue into the gift like that? At least Brody comically says, "You don't want to have babies, Pratt? Are you afraid they'll grow up like you?" That's exactly what we're afraid of, Brody, the world does not need little Speidis running around.

As I've remarked in almost every other recap of The Hills, no party is complete without a little fighting. Kristin thinks she should clear things up with Audrina and tells her that she wants to sit down and hash everything out but was blown off. Audrina responds, "I don't know you; I don't owe you anything." It's downhill from there. Kristin goes onto say, "Exactly why I shouldn't stay away from Justin," which prompts Audrina to spill about her little get-together with J.B. Kristin pretty much says, "F--- you, I'm done with you," and Audrina leaves.

The next morning Kristin does her post-mortem with new BFF Stacie while Audrina meets up with Lo and Stephanie. I have to say, although she doesn't have many story lines going on, Lo provides some awesome lines like "that gives me the sads," referring to the situation and even uses everyone's favorite I Love You, Man line: "Totes McGotes."

Later that day, Kristin meets Justin to end things. "I heard that you're back with little Miss Audrina," she says. "What's with you?" is his response. Of course he then goes on to say he's tired of "that cycle," which is not what he said when he had drinks with Audrina a few weeks prior. Um, do you not realize when there's a huge camera in your face you can't really lie later on about what was said? Kristin tells J.B. she's done with him and leaves Mr. I'm Undercover (isn't he dressed that way?) all by his lonesome. Peace out, Justin Bobby.

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