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Episodes like this are why I've faithfully stuck with House after six and a half seasons. Sure, more often than not, House can get stale -- it's the same thing, week in and out, and even something shocking (like Kutner offing himself last year or Cameron saying good-bye two weeks ago) isn't enough to take away from the fact that it's just another episode with another wacky case. But episodes like "Broken", and now "Wilson," are proof that there are so many more layers that need exploring in the world of Princeton Plainsboro.

Turning the tables, breaking the mold -- call it what you will, but tonight's episode posed a drastic change to the House formula we're used to. Focusing on Wilson is arguably something that needed to happen a while ago and considering the list of demons floating around in Wilson's head (Amber's death, his paper on assisted suicide), it seems appropriate for his outlook on life to finally start changing. He just needed one more good push and the return of his friend Tucker (The West Wing's Joshua Malina) was literally just what the doctor ordered.

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Default avatar cat
Dec 1, 2009 6:12PM EST

I thought this episode was great. I totally agree that House gets stale, especially for me as I watch the show for the characters and not the cases (although sometimes the cases are interesting, too). I thought it was nice to see things from Wilson's POV, and it was amusing to see all the crazy hallway drama that happens on House from the outside, so you have no idea what is going on.
The show is also really making me hate Cuddy lately, so I totally cheered at the end, when Wilson takes the house.

Dec 1, 2009 7:03PM EST

Definitely agree this was a great episode! It threw me off to have more focus on Wilson and his case, but I like that shift and hope more not-House character focus comes up more often.

Default avatar cat
Dec 2, 2009 6:35PM EST

Couldn't agree more. Best episode in AGES. From House's little early morning serenade, to Wilson smirking as he outbids Cuddy. Excellent, excellent ep. Only took them six years to figure out that: hey, Wilson has patients too!
Next week: Cuddy in administration hell. (Hey, I can dream.)

As an aside: slash fans will *love* this episode. It played like a House/Wilson romance. Too many gaytastic moments to even count.
House (sings):"Well I guess it would be niceIf I could touch your bodyI know not everybodyHas got a body like you
But I've got to think twiceBefore I give my heart awayAnd I know all the games you playBecause I play them too
House: "That self important jerk doesn't even know your name." (I'm paraphrasing, but this is House being possessive.)
WIlson: "Guess self important jerks are what I'm attracted to." (Again, paraphrasing, but this is Wilson admitting he's got the hots for House.)
House: "Yeah, Cuddy's yesterday's news. Over her, moving on." (Very *liberally* paraphrasing, but this is House telling Wilson he's like, *totally* available.)
House: "Because if you die, I'm alone." (Awwww. And then he turns up at the OR anyway, because Wilson asked him too.)
And then in the end, Wilson buys a loft, because Cuddy hurt his friend, and because House needs a bigger fridge. And, oh, by the way, because they're growing old together.

Hahaha. It's not even subtext anymore. Now it's just regular text.

Default avatar cat
Dec 4, 2009 6:50PM EST

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Default avatar cat
Dec 8, 2009 9:37AM EST

i doubt house and wilson are gay . hetro life mate is more like it like an educated jay and silent bob a far stretch i know. i was not too fond of this episode it was kind of like house cameo doing un important cases this time wilson as a lead would be quite a good show on its own but it was not needed forman doing his own show would be the same if there is no wit and problems makes for a lower quality show such as forman or wilson is a lower quality doctor personallity with no genius .i might as well watch greys anatomy house as comic relief does not fair well hes gotta be in the middle of it all

Default avatar cat
Dec 15, 2009 10:46AM EST

big LOL at Xanxei! (totally agree, jokingly of course) but I loved this ep too! :) Excellent contrast to the normal House-ness lol (even though I still watch every new ep when it comes!) ^__^ I love the Wilson-House bonding <3 (not so much to the extent that they may be homosexuals lol ) but their characters interact well. As for Cuddy, yea, she's pissing me off lol but then again, if all were well with her and House, then what would the writers have to work with? =P High five to Wilson !

Default avatar cat
Dec 17, 2009 7:27PM EST

New twist to this episode. I know that Wilson is a compassionate character, but Tucker didn't deserve it. He (Tucker) left his family, who went through hard times with him, proving House was right that Tucker was a a self-import, selfish bastard. I hope what happened in this episode will not change him too much. But his expression at the end.......

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