The Next Food Network Star: The Savory Carnival!

Last night's camera challenge was kind of lame. Talking and cooking at the same time, okay. Giada's lasagna recipe, fine. But no, Doreen, this challenge is not "SOOOO crazy." Brianna put it best, though: "I know I can cook and talk at the same time. It's the CAMERA part that's got me messed up." I hate Paul, he thinks he is SOOOO crazy. Giada likes him, though. I guess. She doesn't like Serena, though, you can tell. What's not to like?

It looks like Dzintra is allergic to acting normal. Maybe she wasn't socialized as a child? She's coming across as crazy, but maybe she is, so she's coming across accurately. Brad is so "nice." Herb is so "into himself." I have to say, though, Giada is a really good mentor for these people.

Were you happy to see Duff Goldman, the Cake Ace himself, as a guest judge? I like that guy, but I don't like this "100 of my closest friends" business. I love the idea of turning a sweet dish into a savory one, this was a good challenge. Das really lucked out with Lemonade, right? I mean, basically just make a dish with lemon in it. By the way, who are all these people at the Sweet to Savory Carnival and how do I get a ticket?!

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