The Cleveland Show: "From Bed to Worse" Review Episode 8

Roberta reluctantly agrees to look after Cleveland Jr. on a school trip to Washington. Tim and Arianna try to rekindle their stagnating relationship when they accompany the school-kids on the trip to D.C. as chaperones. Meanwhile, Cleveland and Rallo are engaged in a battle of wits as the two vie for the role of "man of the house" and Donna's affections.

Cleveland and Rallo are a good pairing. The two don't exactly see eye to eye, and their conflict leads to some pretty entertaining exchanges. It's definitely nowhere nearly as entertaining as watching Stewie and Brian together, but it's one of the few pairings on the show that seems to work somewhat consistently. It's interesting to see what lengths Rallo is willing to go to just to make sure he gets to sleep in his mother's bed. Add to this the fact that he's probably only doing this out of spite because Cleveland ate all the fish sticks and doesn't fast forward through the commercials for a show that's on the DVR. The exchange between Cleveland and Rallo on the merits of watching commercials instead of fast forwarding through them was one of their better exchanges. Also entertaining was to see Cleveland talk through the entire process in getting his name on the mortgage.

The two men of the house do end up with a fairly reasonable compromise. Rallo gets the remote control and the fish sticks, and Cleveland gets to keep Rallo out of his bed. Cleveland does get the last laugh though, as he asks Rallo if the cost of breaking his own leg to get what he wanted was worth it.

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