Scrubs: "Our First Day of School" Review Season 9, Episode 1

The hardest thing to do in television is to create a hit show. I don't care who you ask, eight seasons on prime-time television qualifies Scrubs as being a hit, whatever the ratings are. But perhaps even harder than that is completely redefining a show in its ninth season and succeeding. That's what Scrubs has done. The setting has changed: Sacred Heart has been torn down and rebuilt as a teaching hospital on the campus of Winston University. The premise has changed: the doctors spend more time giving lectures than tending to patients. We're introduced to three new interns: Drew, the drop-out who's back for a second chance; Cole, the arrogant, untouchable pain-in-the-ass; and Lucy (more on her later), as well as an expanded role for Dr. Denise Mahoney, who was added last season. Heck, even the opening title sequence is different. But even with all the changes, it still feels very familiar.

The main cast is back, including Zach Braff as J.D. and Sarah Chalke as Elliot (who both signed on for limited roles this season), Donald Faison as Turk, Ken Jenkins as Kelso and most importantly, John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox. This new medical school direction gives Dr. Cox an even greater forum to run the poor interns through the ringer. Sure, J.D., Elliot and Turk have their unique teaching styles (including J.D.'s unsurprising need to be the "cool" doctor), but it's Dr. Cox who gets the spotlight, tearing down his new recruits with the cruel efficiency we've come to love.

The episode begins as it usually does, with J.D.'s voice-over. He explains all the changes that have taken place and gets the audience up to speed. But then an interesting thing happens: As he crosses the hall and passes by Lucy Bennett (Kerry Bishe), a new intern, we suddenly hear her point of view, a symbolic passing of the voice-over torch from the old show to the new one.

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