Recap - Survivor 20.04 "Tonight, We Make Our Move"

This week's installment of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains begins with the Villains returning from their first Tribal Council. Under a full moon (when is it nota full moon in reality TV?), Coach loses his mind upon reaching camp. He confides in Tyson that he just doesn't know if he can continue in the game. See, he's a very sensitive guy, although he hides that sensitivity behind machismo, and he didn't take kindly to Sandra's attacks on his leadership and commitment to the tribe. Coach is the man, and he will not compromise what he is about for anyone, let alone Sandra. He devolves into a blubbering mess and all Tyson can do to soothe Coach's wounded pride is to hug him. Tyson asks Coach if he wants Tyson's help. When Coach says yes, Tyson tells him, even though Coach doesn't want to hear it, that Coach has to make an effort to get along better with the tribe. No more fantastical stories that no one believes. No more wearing feathers in his hair to Tribal. No more tai chi (or "Coach Chi" as the Dragon Slayer calls it) in front of everyone. Despite another complaint that he just might leave the game tonight, Coach agrees to stay and buck up.

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