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What Were Last Week's Biggest Fall Premieres? - Featured

Wondering which of the big new series that debuted over the last week grabbed the most viewers (on US televisions)?

Without further ado (# in parentheses represents the show's Nielsen rank for the week):

1. NCIS: Los Angeles, 18.7 million viewers (2nd place)

2. The Good Wife, 13.7 million viewers (15th place)

3. Modern Family, 12.6 million viewers (20th place)

4. FlashForward, 12.5 million viewers (21st place)

5. Cougar Town, 11.3 million viewers (23rd place)

6. The Forgotten, 9.6 million viewers (28th place)

7. The Cleveland Show, 9.5 million viewers (29th place)

8. Accidentally on Purpose, 8.9 million viewers (35th place)

9. Eastwick, 8.5 million viewers (38th place)

10. Mercy, 8.4 million viewers (39th place)

Which of these shows did you tune into? What have been your favorite new series thus far?

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| 15:43 EDT, 30 Sep, 2009
I watched everything but The Forgotten. NCIS: LA was a lot better than I expected it to be. Modern Family is my new TV addiction I haven't laughed at a TV like that in so long. Accidently On Purpose was absolutely horrible as was The Cleveland Show.
| 14:41 EDT, 30 Sep, 2009
I'm been pretty impressed with the new shows this season. I've seen and enjoyed the good wife, modern family, flash forward, cougar town and accidentally on purpose (although that's not quite as good as the other 4). Then there's glee which is technically a fall premiere and I also love. I hope I have time to watch these all when uni starts again next week, and seeing as I've heard bad things about the Cleveland Show, mercy and eastwick, I doubt I'll be trying them out.
| 12:34 EDT, 30 Sep, 2009
I thought Cougar Town was pretty hilarious, and I know I'll keep watching. Also, I thought FlashFoward looked good in the previews, though there is so much on now that that I haven't gotten around to watching everything I would like to see yet.
| 22:07 EDT, 29 Sep, 2009
Wow. I'm impressed that NCIS: Los Angeles did that well. I did deserve it. I thought FlashForward might have done a bit better, but it's on kind of a tough night. I just hope they both keep it up because those are probably the only two shows on the list I'm at all invested in.
| 21:19 EDT, 29 Sep, 2009
saw modern family, thought it was alright.the cleveland show was a bit dissapointing.eastwick reminds me of charmed so i reject it cause i can't replace charmed yet. and that's all I've seen. Im not really excited about this fall yet.

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