Diablo Cody thinks a Jennifer's Body series would be "amazing"

About a month ago, our friends at CliqueClack listed five reasons why Diablo Cody's thriller Jennifer's Body should be made into a television series.

They seemed to list some compelling reasons, especially the fact that it would play well with fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So when Cody was at the TCAs to promote the upcoming season of her Showtime hit United States of Tara, I decided to ask her about the prospect as she got off-stage.

"I had never heard that," she replied. "That would be amazing."

When I asked her if the show would appeal to Buffy fans, she asked, "Did the original Buffy movie do well in the theaters?" When we said it didn't, she shot back in self-deprecating fashion: "This could be the perfect metaphor, then."

What would a Jennifer's Body series be about? "I think you reach further back into the girls' lives," she said, "because Needy and Jennifer had such an interesting relationship. There's more to them than just what happened at the climax (of the movie)."

Because I was in a group of other reporters who were more concerned about Tara and not some little-seen thriller, I didn't get a chance to ask her who she thinks could star in such a show. I guess it wouldn't be Megan Fox, but would that be such a big loss? They could get a lesser-known star who is just as hot but is a better actor.

Anyway, when asked what network she thought would be a good fit for such a show, Cody didn't hesitate. "Showtime!" she chimed, knowing where her bread is being buttered these days.

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