'Warehouse 13' - 'Time Will Tell' Recap (Season Premiere) Season 2, Episode 1

So that was pretty fun, huh? 'Warehouse 13' returned to Syfy with one of its best and most entertaining episodes to date. Sure, this goofy show -- with its screwball comedy tone and wacky sci-fi premise - might lack the soul and finesse of 'Caprica' or the emotion of 'Stargate Universe,' but it mostly makes up for that with a cast of likable characters, an aw-shucks sense of wonder, and a charming underdog spirit.

But 'Warehouse 13' is certainly no underdog. It's one of Syfy's top performing shows. But in order to keep genre fans coming back for more, the show desperately needed to break out of its gimmicky procedural plot routine.

Thankfully, the tail end of season 1 offered more unconventional episodes that focused more on character bonds and further developed the show's crazy world -- a world where Harriet Tubman's thimble turns you into a shape shifter and the heroes carry retro-looking ray guns designed by Nikola Tesla.

The season 2 premiere continued on that track. The twisty globetrotting plot was a lot more compelling this time because the characters weren't simply working another case, they were working together to save each other's skin, and to stop a villain that had outwitted them almost to the point of surrender.

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Jul 19, 2010 10:18PM EDT

If you've read the comments by maxgt you'll get a general idea about what this show is like,well that's all fine but we're talking about 'Time Will Tell' the season 2 premiere of 'Warehouse 13' specifically.
In this episode the writers managed to tie up the the loose ends of the previous last season episode 'McPherson' in an exceptionally short period of time, all sins were quickly forgiven and then we got on to the meat of the story!There's a new villain in the mix, a female H.G Well's.I found the notion that H.G Wells was a woman, a murderer and a cunning villain a little bit hard to swallow.Sure its a twist, but if anyones ever read the H.G Well's work both fiction and non fiction, his stance against War and despotism seems to be a central theme in his life.I suppose its an opportunity to for character development to explain in coming episodes exactly how the humanitarian H. G Well's became so evil?
Also the questions I'd like to see resolved regarding the whole 'Warehouse 13' concept is why are all the artifacts just locked away? Why aren't there scientists studying recovered artifacts? Does the president know about it? And why doesn't the US military trying to weaponize certain powerful artifacts.How come a Star Chamber of yokels has control of it and how come the secret service goes along with them?Successfully explaining these things I think is what's going to be central the longevity of this TV show

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