Review: The Mentalist - Bleeding Heart Season 2, Episode 12

OK, so The Mentalist is starting to hit some of the formula plots that all shows eventually get to. This one was the "someone is making a documentary about CBI and each person is interviewed and we learn more about them" episode. I could have done without it. I'd rather they concentrate on the main mystery rather than mix in this subplot. Or maybe the reason they had this documentary being filmed was because without it the mystery wouldn't have been as interesting.

The good news? It was better than The Office clip show we had tonight. The bad news? It didn't quite work.

Maybe I'm just being cranky. While watching this episode I not only had to think about (and review) the 30 Rock I had just watched, but I had to contend with the fact that I was missing both Burn Notice and Archer. Thursday nights is not Must-See TV now, it's Can't-Possibly-See-Everything TV, and it's frustrating.

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