'Community' Recap: 'Physical Education' Episode 17 - Starpulse

The best sitcom on network TV, Community, returned Thursday evening, and it continues it's hilarious run. Community has few detractors, but their main complaint is that the show is too reliant on pop-culture references.

The hyper-aware ensemble cast does seem to frame every situation in a convenient nod to 80s movies and TV shows, but viewers don't have to be rabid cable TV omnivores to get the jokes. Often, the references are broader than specific movie plots or character traits, instead they are send ups of played out sitcom cliches.

Though, as Abed points out, Jeff Winger is an amalgam of Dick Van Dyke, Sam Malone, Zach Braff on Scrubs, and Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry, to which Jeff protests being compared to Zach Braff.

The main plotline begins when Troy finds a drawing of Abed in his Spanish book, prompting the gang to find the book's previous owner, who, much to their disbelief, must be Abed's secret admirer.

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