THE BIG BANG THEORY ''The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification'' Review Season 4, Episode 2

In this week's episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Sheldon decides that he needs to live just a few years longer than his estimated average lifespan. Why? Because he wants to integrate his consciousness with a machine and live indefinitely, of course.

Sheldon tries to do it naturally with healthy eating and exercise, but after a particularly bad bout of gas (thanks to a meal of brussels sprouts) and a tumble down the stairs on his way out to jog with Penny, he decides it's just too dangerous to live out in the everyday world.

So he opts to live in a secret, secure location (his bedroom) and interact through a robot topped with a computer monitor. But being an armless robotic lifeform isn't easy. There's no way to get down stairs alone, no service at restaurants, and to top it off he can't get his vintage computer signed by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. So he grabs his computer, starts to rush down the stairs and, yeah, just guess how that ended.

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