24 Episode Recap: "2:00 AM - 3:00 AM" Season 8, Episode 11

In a classic 24-style surprise, we learn that the seemingly innocent Tarin is actually working hand-in-hand with the terrorists trying to thwart President Hassan's plans and set off a dirty bomb in New York City.

As the hour starts, we learn more about another terrorist, crazy-eyed Marcos, and his reasons for becoming, well, a crazy-eyed terrorist. Apparently, his professor father was jailed by President Wayne Palmer's administration for suspected ties to a radical Kamistani organization, and eventually committed suicide as a result of the fallout.

Using this information, Jack does his best to convince Marcos that helping the terrorists isn't the best way to honor his father's memory, but he won't be reasoned with, telling Jack: "I came here prepared to die, and that's what's gonna happen."

Unfortunately, we're soon distracted by Walsh and Ortiz (once again) as they hash out their relationship drama in the wake of last week's mess with KevinEx and his buddy. He's being stoic; she wants to know what he's thinking, which turns out to be, "I wouldn't have done what I did if I didn't still love you." Sweet - I guess.

Hastings is, to say the least, ticked off when the pair finally returns to CTU after disappearing without explanation. This results in Hastings bestowing the no doubt-delicious honor on Chloe of having Walsh now report to her, though Chloe does her best to accept the situation with grace, telling Walsh, "I just want you to know, I'm glad you didn't get fired or anything."

Walsh later does her best to apologize to Hastings and explain that she won't let anything like this happen again, yada yada yada. Hastings' response serves as a neat summary for the whole Walsh-Kevin subplot: "So, we can chalk up the last several hours to a serious lapse in judgment?" Yeah, let's do that, 24.

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