Review: 'White Collar' - 'Vital Signs'

After watching the head-scratching two-hour season premiere of 'Lost,' it's a relief to watch a show like 'White Collar.' Not that this show is two-dimensional, it's just that it's like a palate cleanser to watch a show that doesn't involve time travel, smoke monsters, alternate realities, and healing water pools.

Sure, this episode had organ harvesting and fake kidney removal scams, but it was easy to follow.

This was another one of those episodes that felt like some sort of personal detective-ish case that Neal and Peter were working on instead of an FBI case, and not just because it involved a friend of theirs. It's great to see Diahann Carroll again. It was obvious that the gang would help June (and someone in her family) at some point.

This was a good, fun episode, but part of me worries about these "case of the week" episodes. It's not that I need for every episode have something to do with Neal and Kate and Fowler. It's just that when I see Neal and Peter going undercover in some location, it's almost as if they're just another detective team on another TV show.

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