Review: 'NCIS' - 'Masquerade' Season 7, Episode 14

As the title suggests, what we witnessed going on for much of this episode was not reality, but a 'Masquerade.' If you pay attention to titles, you can have an edge figuring out what's what. Meanwhile, beyond the action, there was more character interaction as 'NCIS' continues to weave a few mystery threads, including M. Allison Hart's fascination with Mr. Gibbs.

That's right. She calls him Mr. Gibbs. Even after Jethro reminded her that he's a Special Agent, Hart continues to give him the dig by calling him mister. She also continues to challenge him, and with Rena Sofer in the role, the sparks are flying between her and Mark Harmon. However, Gibbs' history with women suggests that he's going to need to be wary with Hart. He's already on edge because she has seemingly put herself in his cross hairs. The question is why ... and can she be trusted?

Questions about Tony and Ziva and what really happened in Paris remain unanswered, which is terribly frustrating. However, Tony did broach the subject of Ziva's experience in Somalia when she was a prisoner. She didn't say much, but clearly she was traumatized by the event. She also put forth the theory that a group of terrorists may be a real threat or they might be defenders of their way of life.

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