White Collar Review: "Vital Signs" Season 1, Episode 10

Last night White Collar may not have given us any clues into the whole Kate, Fowler, and Neal triangle - but "Vital Signs" proved this show is great even without the main storyline.

A couple things we loved about this week's episode:

* The interaction between Elizabeth and Peter. Finally we get to see a little emotion here! The end could have been steamier, but at least it felt authentic with the whole non-jealous - jealous emotional interplay.

* The tricky way they got the doctor to believe he was starting renal failure - bigger clothes (check), rash all over his body (check) and blood in his urine (check)! Great plot. I loved every second of it!

* The complete trust that Peter and Neal share with each other. Granted, Neal was all doped up, but you can tell there is a bond between these guys. It gets me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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