Episode 4.19 "Jump the Shark" Recap

THEN:' Lilith returned to Supernatural all grown up and wanting to have sex with Sam as part of a deal to stop breaking the Seals. That didn't happen, but we did find out that a prophet named Chuck has seen the future, and it's not so good.

NOW: A woman is terrified in her house so she locks herself in her bedroom. Too bad for her the monster is under the bed and it drags her down. While being taken, she knocks over a picture frame. A picture frame containing a photo of...John Winchester!

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean wake up from a night of sleeping in the Impala, and you'll be happy to know Sam is dedicated to dental hygiene, brushing his teeth on the side of the road. A call comes in on one of John Winchester's old phones, and Dean answers it, telling the kid on the other end that John has been dead for two years. The kid says he's John Winchester's son.

Sam wants to give this kid, Adam Milligan, a chance, but Dean is certain it's a trap. They agree to meet with him at Cousin Oliver's Diner. For those of you too young to remember The Brady Bunch, Cousin Oliver was a distant relative the show brought in during the later seasons who was hated by fans and generally regarded as the moment the show jumped the shark.

To test Adam, Dean puts Holy Water in the water glass and replaces the cutlery with real silver silverware. Adam arrives eager to meet his brothers. He passes Dean's tests and talks about all the great times he used to have with John, but as soon as he brings up when John taught him to drive the Impala, Dean calls it quits and leaves.

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