The Cleveland Show: "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool" Review Episode 14

So, after last week's surprisingly decent episode, the fun's over, and we're back to the craptacular material this show seems very good at producing. It's somewhat tragic, since the premise of the story had potential, but the delivery is just awful.

The first few minutes are horrible, with jokes about pedophilia, Jerry O'Connell, and wrought iron representations of world famous landmarks. But things improve a little bit when Cleveland Jr. gets confused for a cow at a slaughterhouse and Cleveland gets mauled by a tiger at a Chinese restaurant. Those moments are worth a few giggles.

The bulk of the episode is about Cleveland trying to find his son a job. Cleveland's efforts lead to his son working at the local bar, which is certainly illegal, and very inappropriate. Cleveland Jr. shows a bit too much initiative though, and ends up taking over the bar. He makes it into a respectable, profitable establishment with no room for his father's kind of riff-raff. That leads to Cleveland and his friends getting banned from the Broken Stool. Cleveland, barred from his favorite haunt, goes on to get his own son fired so he can get back into the bar. Junior swears revenge - his dreams of running a mediocre bar in a cow-town have been ruined by his own father.

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