Episode 3 Death Watch

The third episode of Harper's Island continued to grow the show's primary conflicts. Sully and Cal's comic feud over Chloe involved feathers and honey, Shane and J.D.'s rivalry turned ugly, Henry learned that his fiancee's ex was on the island, and Trish's brother-in-law Richard revealed his own dark secrets, having rough sex with his wife's stepmother.

If you were looking for a lot of deaths, this episode didn't quite deliver, as there was only one, but the game did begin as Sheriff Mills got an invitation to do battle with the serial killer. Here's the bigger question: how has no one discovered the dead bodies of the preacher or Lucy yet?

This Week's Death Count: 1

Total Death Count: 6

This Week's Death:

Hunter Jennings (Victor Webster): After being found out by Henry, Trish's ex-boyfriend made a deal with her dad to leave and never see his daughter again for $50,000. He did, and with Hunter's purpose gone, he drove off in his boat. The engine stalled and when he went to check on it, a booby-trapped shotgun killed him.

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