'America's Next Top Model' - 'Drekitude' Recap Season 14, Episode 2

We continue 'America's Next Top Model' from last week's photoshoot cliffhanger. The nude photoshoot goes off without much of a hitch about religious morals or modesty. Either way, the shoot was borrowed from a challenge on 'Make Me a Supermodel' which had the same exact concept. The second photoshoot continues to stretch the definition of what a beauty shot is. Beauty shots should be zoomed in even closer than what we saw.

We saw the new and improved opening sequence; it's going to take me a while to get adjusted to it. It's still Tyra-centric and now with a 70s/funk vibe. This episode was also 90 minutes long, which threw off the tempo of the show. I was waiting for the show to end, but it just kept going. Speaking of editing choices, why isn't last season's winner Nicole in the CoverGirl lounge?

The first two episodes of 'ANTM' have become 'The Alasia Show.' The girl is the loudest contestant in a very long time, and other than her nice skin tone, I don't see the potential. I'm going to get upset if she becomes this season's villain. If it weren't for Andre Leon Talley, she would have been eliminated after the first photoshoot. If I saw someone wearing a vest or jacket backwards in an advertisement, I'd assume that it was supposed to be worn that way. If I was Custo Barcelona (the fashion designer who provided the accessories), I would be very upset on how my clothes were incorrectly used. Alasia is very raw. I laughed when somehow she made her angles look like she was pregnant, her model walk was sub-par, and her beauty shot looked really odd to me. Something about the heavy usage of eyeshadow on Alasia wasn't right. I really hope she either is eliminated soon, or out of nowhere transforms into a really good model.

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