Recap The Young and the Restless: Monday, June 21, 2010

Jack informs Nick and Phyllis that Sharon went to Brazil. Nick calls Sharon and desperately tries to get her to come home. Phyllis wants Nick to let her go. Later, Phyllis takes out her anger on Jack.

After begging Skye to leave, Adam leaves with Skye’s cash and she goes after him. Later, Adam finally convinces Skye to leave. Meanwhile, Sharon sees herself on the front page of a Brazilian newspaper and Victor reveals its part of his plan. Adam is stunned when he sees Sharon’s picture in the paper and suddenly decides to stay in Sao Paolo. He informs Skye that she can play in the poker game.

Kay realizes that Snapper told Jill the truth about her parentage. Jill informs Lauren that she is her half sister. Lauren has a hard time believing that it is true. Jill asks Lauren to keep an open mind until they can find out more about her parentage. At home, Jill is forced to say a tearful goodbye to brothers. Later, Lauren informs Michael that Jill may be her sister.

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