'Ugly Betty's America Ferrera is a Hotdog with the Works

There's a lot we hope to see on the upcoming fourth season of Ugly Betty - the returning actors, the enviable list of guest stars, and Kristen Johnson taking a role away from Paula Abdul. Despite all that, there's still one thing we should really expect for laughs: Betty. What's more, it's Betty as a hotdog.

While we already know the lengths to which America Ferrera would go for her character, this has got to be the funniest yet. Wardrobe-wise. The star of the hit ABC series was recently spotted in New York filming a scene for the show's fourth installment. She was in a hotdog suit, yes, but she wasn't feeling so hot about the idea.

America Ferrera was obviously uncomfortable in her costume, as the Daily Mail reports how she was making several angry faces when the cameras ceased rolling. We couldn't really blame her for that; she's dressed as processed meat for crying out loud. She even had to ask an assistant to feed her a banana in between takes. Um, let's not go into the food symbolisms here.

Anyway, she was lucky to have someone to share the experience with. Her Ugly Betty co-star, Michael Urie, who plays the openly gay Marc on the show, was also donning some peculiar threads. He was the bun to Betty's hotdog, which sounds very weird now that I think about it.

The two of them were busy working on the outdoor scene in lower Manhattan for the show, but we can't quite place where it'll fit into the story. Is wearing a hotdog suit part of Betty's new job as features editor? That's definitely taking too much initiative. It might have something to do with Betty's much-awaited makeover too, but the idea's too vague for that.

While we figure out the mystery of the hotdog suits, mark your calendars for the return of Ugly Betty this October. The two-hour special premieres on the ninth, airing on ABC.

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