Recap The Young and the Restless: Friday, June 25, 2010

Adam lets himself into Sharon’s room and Sharon reveals she was afraid she would never see him again. Sharon tries to get him to stay and Adam wonders what she is really up to. Meanwhile, Victor ups the stakes and bets the winner takes Adam. Later, Adam pulls Sharon into a passionate kiss catching her off guard. Skye calls Adam to inform her that she has won and he informs her to meet at the place they arranged. Sharon thinks she has him convinced to leave, but she turns her back and Adam is gone. Skye meets up with Adam to show him her winnings and wait for the Judge. Victor and Sharon arrive and Sharon informs Adam that Victor actually won the game and forced her to lure him here.

As Mac is about to go into surgery, everyone she loves is present. Lily informs her family that she is going to take part in the stem cell trial with the babies’ cells after the delivery. Later, Lily wants Malcolm to stop apologizing for the past and just promise to be her Uncle Malcolm again. Billy and J.T. discuss where they are now, Billy with Victoria and J.T. with Mac. Later, Cane and Lily introduce their children, Charlie and Matilda to their family.

Victoria informs Nick that Tucker has been nosing around Beauty of Nature’s monopoly in Japan but that she handled it. When Nick learns that Billy was with her in Japan, he becomes certain that Victoria was set up.

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