Recap The Young and the Restless: Tuesday. June 29, 2010

Jamie prepares to turn himself in and Emily thanks Paul for everything he did to make it possible. Jack informs Emily that he has hired Michael to be Jamie’s attorney and Emily kisses Jack. Paul goes to see Patty at the hospital and is amazed by how good she seems. Meanwhile, Emily is shocked when Jack stops the kiss because he thinks that she is kissing him for the wrong reasons. Later, Patty admits that she is having nightmare about Adam and the night of the ball. Emily tells Jack that it is time that they move on together and kisses him, which leads them to making love.

Victor, Adam, and Sharon arrive back in Genoa City. Sharon pleads with Adam to reveal the truth and show everyone that there is still good in him. On the stand, Owen attacks Nick. Nikki sees how much strain Phyllis is under after her testimony. Phyllis admits to Nikki that her marriage to Nick is strained because of his relationship with Sharon. Later, Victor arrives in court dragging Adam behind him. Phyllis and Sharon end up in the confrontation. Phyllis realizes that the men in the Sharon’s life can’t seem to let her go. Meanwhile, Adam takes the stand, but instead of answering any questions he flips out and pretends to go crazy.

Adam is locked up in the same mental hospital as Patty.

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