Showtime to Start Filming 'Dexter' Season 4 in May - Featured

After three critically acclaimed seasons, the dark Showtime series about that lovable serial killer is due to come back later this year, as it begins shooting for season 4 in May, Dexter star Michael C. Hall confirms.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross in his BBC show in the UK, the actor who plays the titular character on the show reiterates that they've been signed for two more seasons, each with 12 episodes. Meanwhile, Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton tells Vanity Fair that in February and March, they spend just coming up with the idea for the season, what its themes will be, what aspects of humanity we want Dexter to butt up against, and what we want to do with the secondary characters.

It always starts with talking about themes and going back and reviewing past seasons, she says, adding that while the first two seasons set up the classic origin story, the third one is different, as it dealt with Dexter rebelling against his father to find out who he really is. Showtime hasn't released any details on how season 4 would shape up.

Hall reveals, however, that eventually, Dexter has to end, and resolve itself in a satisfying way. Asked if suicide is the grand conclusion to his character's life, Hall hints that it's not a likely ending.

Kill himself? Well, he said that that is a reprehensible idea to him, but you never know.

In the December conclusion of the third season of Dexter, he managed to escape from The Skinner just in time to make it to his wedding. This after killing Miguel, whom he shared his secret with, and framing the Skinner.

The season 4 of Dexter is set to air this fall. It also stars Julie Benz, Lauren Velez, and Jennifer Carpenter, among others.

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Apr 19, 2009 6:55PM EDT

About time >.>


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Apr 23, 2009 9:13PM EDT

It'd be good to see Dexter notice signs of Sociopathy in Cody and Astor like in the books... Maybe that'll happen this season?

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