'Parks and Recreation' - 'The Possum' Episode 18 Recap

I miss the pit. It's been a while since we've heard anything about it, so it was nice to have it mentioned again. Even though Leslie may not have her favor with the mayor's office (I guess she'll just have to live with an un-laminated bus pass), I'd like to see something happen with the now-filled-in giant hole in the ground.

Leslie clearly has more important things on her plate, like possum-wrangling. The whole task force thing could have been just ridiculous, and don't get me wrong-- it was, but there was one thing that saved it: the fact that there was an actual possum running around on Andy's neck. How he didn't just vomit to death, I'll never know. Chris Pratt deserves a raise though.

Other than the fact that they had a live possum on Andy, there was something else that I found surprising: the fact that I find myself agreeing with Ron Swanson more and more. I kind of feel that if he wants to add onto a woodworking shed that resides on his land and only he goes in, then he should be able to, without having the city planner come in and ruin his fun. However, I do concede that the collection of oil-soaked rags hanging over the wood-burning oven is probably a bad idea.

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