Recap: Top 36, Group One

Tuesday night marks the first time America will vote for our Season 8 American Idol hopefuls. Things are going to work a little differently this season: the top 36 have been split up into three groups of 12. Your vote will send through the highest ranking girl and boy, as well as whoever earns the next highest amount of votes. That's right, only three will make it through to the top 12 this week.

Yo, dawgs! So, I'm glad to see we were all pretty much on the same page about Tatiana last week. And, a lot of you were pretty upset about Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle, making it through as well. But, let's focus on Tata for now, since she is going to be performing Tuesday (let's hope for the last time). Our nervous contestants will be belting out Billboard Hot 100 hits and trying to make a big enough impression on America to make it to the coveted top 12. I already feel sick over the fact that more than three people in this group deserve to get through to the next round. Cutting nine singers in one swoop feels weird and unjust. How can you gauge talent from one night? We shall see.

* Jackie Tohn

I'm already annoyed by her while watching her pre-taped intro segment. I think she has a fun voice, but she is one of those chicks who really needs to relax and take it down a notch. She sings "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis and looks like she stole her outfit from a Minnie Mouse-inspired "entertainer" on Hollywood Blvd. She definitely knows how to work a song, and Paula is rockin' out in her seat. Randy says she's a great entertainer, but isn't sure about her vocals. Kara says she knows how to work a stage, and she showed who she is. Paula tells Jackie that she makes everyone fall in love with her (except me), while Simon says she played the clown and that the public won't like it much.

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