LOUIE ''Double Date/Mom'' Review

Last night's LOUIE was one dark episode. Louis C.K. has an ability to poke fun at the less humorous moments in life, but in 'Double Date/Mom' the jokes are few and far between the actual drama he allows to seep through his comedy program. In the first half, 'Double Date, Louie has another unsuccessful session with his therapist, which assumingly expresses C.K.'s own disbelief of the power of therapy. He then spends some time at the gym with his brother, played by comedian Robert Kelly, and discuses the possibility of a threesome with him. Talk about another level of dark. Louie asks his brother never to mention this again and leaves him in the gym.

We then cut to stand-up, where Louie discusses how it's nearly impossible to teach his kids morals or values, since he loses his own each year. And then a small chat about deep down feelings leads to another quip by Louie about if he had his druthers he would be a terrible person. This type of talk is common with C.K., on both the show and his real-life standup, and it seems that he can not wrap his head around how bad thoughts don't automatically make you a bad person.

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