Supernatural Season 5, Episode 8: "Changing Channels" - Recap

The Trickster traps Sam and Dean in a TV land where there are "300 channels and nothing on." The brothers find themselves in a world of medical dramas, bad sitcoms, procedurals, those embarrassing STD commercials and those wild Japanese game shows. Castiel is back and the Trickster makes a big revelation.

"Changing Channels" is a fun, laugh-out-loud episode that also nicely tackles the mythology of the show. The return of the Trickster has been much anticipated especially by those who have been commenting on this blog since we first saw the character in Season 2's "Tall Tales." You guys have been hinting at the Trickster being something more. I'm anxious to know what you all think about this latest development. I'm talking about the Trickster really being Gabriel one of the archangels. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing much more of Richard Speight, Jr., the actor who so awesomely plays the demi-god with a sweet tooth. The Trickster notoriously likes to mess with Sam and Dean. Last time we saw the character, he tried to teach Sam a lesson. It involved a Groundhog's Day-like scenario where Dean was killed over and over again. This time, the Winchester brothers get trapped in a TV universe where they're forced to play along.

The Hospital Drama

Dr. Sexy, M.D., of course, is a spoof of Supernatural's behemoth timeslot rival, Grey's Anatomy. So automatically it's just cool that this show is going there. I'm not currently a Grey's watcher, so I had to check with some of my pals to find out how spot-on this portion of the program is: all those slaps, the overuse of "seriously" and sex in enclosed spaces seems to be seriously on target. Seriously.

Funny Moments

- Dean goes all fanboy. He knows this show inside and out. He uses cute little descriptions to describe the characters; he knows Dr. Sexy (think McDreamy) himself wears boots. In fact that's how he detects the Trickster's presence.

- Sam keeps getting slapped by Dr. Ellen Pompeo... I mean Piccolo. I've got to say she is as annoying as I always thought Meredith Grey was in the first two seasons. It takes much willpower for me not to hit fast forward when Dr. Piccolo is on.

- Dean seems to have a man crush on the actual Dr. Sexy.

- We see Johnny Drake, who basically is the Denny Duquette character on the ABC hit. Of course, Supernatural's own Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Denny. Using the "J" and the "D" in the character's name is a nice little shout out to Jeffrey Dean, don't you think?

- I couldn't believe Sam had to perform surgery on Dean! Sam's looks are classic as he's trying to figure out how to operate. Also, Dean really needs to stay away from the Trickster. He's always getting hurt when he's around.

- Sam says one of my favorite lines of the entire episode: "This show has ghosts? Why?"

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