24 Aftergasm: Jack Bauer Will Die

24, a show that plies its trade in plot twists, has become predictable for its unpredictability. If you expect a plot twist to occur, is it really even a plot twist anymore? Watching last night's episode of 24, in which Jack Bauer was given a very simple prognosis (Death!), I began to debate what the writers could possibly do to surprise its fans, seven seasons in. And, what I came up with was simple they could kill Jack Bauer. I think we all have assumed that Jack Bauer would eventually die. It's inevitable. Jack is not the type of guy who lives happily ever after.

I'd always assumed his death would come in the final hour of 24's final season. A reasonable assumption because, well, 24 isn't 24 without Jack Bauer. It cannot exist without Kiefer Sutherland Force of Nature. But, there are ways around this, ways that I have only recently considered. If the writers have agreed with the previous sentiment, that Jack Bauer will inevitably be subject to an on-screen death, the only question is when exactly to drop the guillotine. The last episode of the final season? Too predictable. Not the 24 way. Why not in the final episode of a season that we all know is not the series' final one? This is why, even though 24 will begin shooting its eighth season in May, I think there's a very real possibility that Jack will perish by the end of this season, the show's seventh.

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Apr 2, 2009 10:30PM EDT

He is signed on, I don't see him dieing in season 7.

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