Psych Episode Recap: ''Chivalry is Not Dead...But Someone Is'' Season 5, Episode 4

The Dynamic Duo faces off against Lassie and Jules in this week's odd episode about money, poison, and cougars. Gus joneses for an older woman, Shawn tries to seduce Jean Smart, and John Michael Higgins works his magic on all the ladies - yep, it's that kind of episode. Jump in and let's get started.

Tonight's episode starts with two chumps in tuxedos reveling in their new found status at the Opera/Theatre/Symphony. After obtaining drinks from the fancy bar, the pair returns to their cougars - I mean dates. Well, what I really mean is Jean Smart and her friend because that's who is playing Chump No. 1's date. A woman near the group starts coughing and suddenly Chump No. 1 begins coughing as well. Soon, he has literally coughed himself into a deadly fall off of the balcony.

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