FlashForward Episode 7: "The Gift" - Recap

The latest FlashForward episode "The Gift" starts out innocently enough as we see a woman picking up her two young boys from school. However, as the woman approaches her car, she finds a flyer on her windshield advertising projectghosts.com with a note on the back saying "You are one of us."

Before any of this can be explained, we cut back to Mark, Demetri and Al headed back to the morgue to follow up on the three blue-handed dead bodies they found at the end of the last episode. The three people seem to have absolutely nothing in common, except for the fact that the all three killed themselves and had no flash forwards. Also, one of three dead people is Ian Rutherford, who Al remembers investigating in his own flash forward.

Once the agents discover the link between the bodies and the projectghosts.com site, they discover the site serves as a meeting place for people with blank flash forwards everywhere and a Los Angeles meet-up is only hours away.

Also, in relation to Al's mysterious Rutherford case, comes Fiona Banks from MI-6 in England. Fiona informs the agents Rutherford went missing on a British ship two weeks earlier and she's partly come to Los Angeles because she saw herself working with Al on the Rutherford case in her flash forward and just figured she would speed up the process. Prompted by Banks' arrival, Al looks deeper into his own flash forward. He not only sees himself working alongside Banks but also a bird randomly crashes into the window and dies instantly. He also sees his future self take a phone call about a woman named Celia he mysteriously and accidentally killed, with tears streaming down his face.

While the FBI deals with people who have no flash forwards, Aaron comes face-to-face with his flash forward when a soldier that served with his deceased daughter Tracy shows up to pass along a swiss army knife Tracy wanted her dad to have. Aaron becomes hopeful for the future, as he not only remembers clearly seeing his deceased daughter alive and well in his flash forward, but that in the flash forward, he hands her this particular pocket knife. Unfortunately, the fellow soldier returns the next day to take away Aaron's hope. The solder tells Aaron he watched Tracy die overseas after a huge explosion and Aaron later gives the soldier a job and a hug for giving him peace when it comes to his daughter and his flash forward.

In the hospital, Lloyd comes to thank Olivia for all her help with Dylan but also reassures Olivia that nothing will ever happen between the two of them like predicted in both of their flash forwards. Lloyd tells Olivia he's getting ready to move Dylan up to Northern California for good and Olivia awkwardly promises to get the hospital transfer approved as soon as possible.

As Nicole starts volunteering at the hospital, we see her and Bryce grow closer as he searches for the unknown love connection in his flash forward and what the symbol he sees in his vision means. Nicole takes the Japanese symbol from Bryce's vision to mean "believe."

Demetri is still stuck on whether or not to believe his lack of a flash forward and predicted day of death. But after a number of heated arguments with his fiance Zoey, he comes clean to her about what has kept him so distant and his lack of future. Zoey insists she saw Demetri and herself on a beach at their wedding day in her flash forward and urges him to pick hope over doom.

Later in the day, Mark, Demetri and Al head downtown to find the blue hand club. As they make their way into the ominous joint, a woman explains to them that the blue hand club has something for everyone. "No limits, no fear, there's something for everybody." Mark, Demetri and Al see the crowd at the club gather for a leader with blue hands and once it seems a mass killing may be imminent, they arrest the leader, who turns out to be a high school history teacher named Jeff.

Jeff talks about using the MOSAIC site of the FBI to find the "ghosts" lacking flash forwards and explains the blue hand group simply represents a gateway to the inevitable. They aren't able to get too far with Jeff yet but we do get an interesting glimpse - albeit rare - of Simon looking at a bracelet with the name Anabelle on it (I thought Simon was the bad guy with no emotions!)

As the team tries to figure out what to do about the blue hand group or what to do next, Al sees the clue board come together exactly how it was predicted in Mark's flash forward. He becomes plagued with guilt over the woman he supposedly kills on accident right before his flash forward. As we cut to the vision again, the person on the other end of the phone says the victim, Celia, has two young twin boys.

Al ends up leaving a clue/note on Demetri's desk right before a meeting and as Demetri reads the letter, written directly to this Celia character, he realizes Al is about to take his own life. Demetri, Mark, Stanford and others try to talk Al down from the ledge of the building but Al seems firm in his decision, saying he's finally figured out how to break the predictions of the flash forwards by plunging to his untimely death.

The entire team is rattled to their cores: Stanford sobs, Demetri looks more lost than ever about his own dark fate, and Mark finally reconnects with Olivia after their fight in the last episode. Demetri read Al's letter out loud and Fiona is seen marking the windows (to prevent the bird from later running into the window and dying) and we learn the woman he supposedly killed in the future, Celia, was the woman with the two boys from the beginning of the episode.

Just as emotions couldn't higher, we see Aaron come home to find the most surprising visitor of all - his dead daughter Tracey sitting in his home.

Why is Aaron's daughter alive? How will Al's suicide affect the other people in his flash forward as well as the emotional aspects of the FBI team? How shocked were you by Al's sudden exit? Sound off and share your thoughts below!

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