This Week's 10 Most Outrageous 'Hell's Kitchen' Moments

On last night's Hell's Kitchen episode, there was a lot of messing up and not a lot of good communication between the chefs. Here are the 10 most outrageous moments from last night's Hell's Kitchen episode:

1. Chef Ramsay declared, "Holy Moses" when he learned that Siobhan had made only one of her own eggs. Autumn ended up making her team lose instead of helping.

2. During the lunch with Chef Ramsay, Salvatore was asked how many women he had been intimate with. He said he stopped counting at 30 or 40. But he was worried that he would look like a "man whore."

3. While Fran was serving the tuna tartar tableside, she kept going to the wrong tables. She seemed unable to read the seating chart. I'll bet she'd be great at navigating on the Amazing Race...

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