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We need to talk about last night's So You Think You Can Dance and we need to talk about Evan (and I suppose Katie Holmes as well...)

Spoilers Included

Last night was the Big 100th episode, which gave us a few non standard components to the results show, including revisiting old performances (which, beyond the group number "Ramalama", I might have chosen differently...) and the very-much-hyped-but-nobody-really-cared-about performance by Katie Holmes, "one of the biggest stars of the silver screen" (good one, Cat Deeley, you crack me up!).

Since Holmes was doing the whole thing for charity, I don't think it's fully necessary to pan her performance, but yeah, it was...unmemorable (and prerecorded at that). If you like pain (just kidding), you can watch the Holmes performance over on E!Online.

Now onto the results!

Disappointments on both fronts. On the female end, much as I love 'em...I think it was time for either Kayla or Melissa to go. Jeanine and Janette are/were the 2 best females, so for Janette to be in the bottom and to now be...gone...was an injustice.

Perhaps things were best said by Nigel:

"Janette, you were my favorite, too. I really wanted you to win this year...It's ruined this 100th celebration for me, to be honest. I think you're absolutely fantastic, and I'm really sorry to lose you. I think America got it wrong."

Then on the male end, Jason was really starting to grow on me, so while I don't think he was going to win, I was kind of sad to see him go. But...what irks me most of all is Evan's magical ability to escape the bottom 2 every single week. Evan is a talented and likable guy, but objectively, he is not as good as some of the other top guys. The judges know it - and hint at it frequently - yet Evan seems to have some sort of magical powers, presumably with young female voters - that makes him impervious to the Bottom on a weekly basis.

What did you all think of this week's SYTYCD results? Are you too getting annoyed about Evan, or are you the people that are happily voting for him each week?



Jul 24, 2009 3:42PM EDT

Maybe because of the fact that the show is not after the most talented dancer on the floor but rather the favorite. Cat Deeley always says "Who will be America's favorite dancer". Maybe Evan has a big fan base or something.
As for my bottom two, I really thought that Melissa and Ade were the ones to go if not only for that heart breaking breast cancer contemporary routine they had. Without that, I'm pretty sure that they were good as gone.
And to Katie Holmes, I really thought she was going to dance live. That prerecorded routine she did was irritating to watch. I feel cheated.
Just my 2 cents.

Default avatar cat
Jul 24, 2009 5:23PM EDT

Although I am not sad to see Jason go (he never really grew on me), I agree that Evan should have been one of the ones to leave, and way before this point. He's not awful, but he never truly impresses me.
As for Janette, well, I think she was absolutely amazing and I was rooting for her to win. I can't believe that she was the one cut! I agree with geepee2008 about Melissa being the one who should have gone. Her and Ade were really saved by that breast cancer routine, but I never thought that Melissa was that amazing beyond her technique.
I watched the episode on Sidereel, woohoo for not having TV, and I was so unimpressed with the beginning of Katie Holmes' performance that I skipped through the rest of it.
But seriously, I'm really annoyed Janette is off the show. She was never in the bottom before this, and she never deserved to be! Every routine was great at the very least! And now I don't know who to cheer for. I like Jeanine somewhat, and Brandon is quite good, Kayla is great in some routines and alright in others. Those who are left just simply don't grab onto you like Janette did for me.Way to go America....

Default avatar cat
Jul 24, 2009 11:35PM EDT

I agree but I think, the woman from the begging have been the better and then there is Brandon. I think Janette has personality that is annoying to some people that is why she went off. I agree Jason was not really outstanding still the Top ten show. I have been under the impression only Brandon and Adia were to do great male dancers. However, now I think Jason has held his own with them. He got better at preforming out of his cutie smiley personality. I do not disagree that Evan could be top ten but this week he should of gone compared to the other three male dancers.
Melissa should go great dancer but poor performer. She should of been a top 10 but should of gone after that. Randie should of never been in the top ten. She just happen to be with Even.
The problem is I can not decide who is the best Kayla, Janette or Jeanine. I keep changing my mind. I think Jannette was my least favorite of the three because she can only do perky, silly, and flirty. But if that is what the role required she was brilliant, the best out of all of them. I think the best dancers should be a great performers which means a good actor. I think Kayla blows everyone out of the water for nailing her moves and great lines, she just misses the performance aspect some times, nails the performance one time misses it the next. Jenine is the most steady and is the best solo dancers out of everyone. She has the greatest choreograph for her solos out of everyone every time. I think if Kayla can put on a good performance she will keep nailing everything she does and win. But I might change my mind next week. Like I said if you could get ride of two guys or girls every week I think Brandon, Jenine, Kayla, and Jannette are the top 4dancers. I think Brandon is at the bottom of the four.

Default avatar cat
Jul 31, 2009 12:19PM EDT

David Lucas I'm sorry, Evan, though not a bad dancer or guy by any means; but he should have been GONE long AGO. I truly truly don't have anything against him and would actually like to learn somethings from him, but this season which is nothing short of being the worst season (despite the judges saying its the best) is showing that people aren't voting for the best dancers, but who they like the best. The top three males Brandon, Ade and Evan. Evan should have left last night, but I knew even before watching that he wasn't. Brandon and Ade have been way more versitile, they have been praised on mutliple performances including their solos. Evan has not. Everytime he dances there is praise for his partner and kind of a bitter sweet comment for him. I can't say he's slithered his way into the finale, b/c he has nothing to do with it, but he doesn't deserve it if he wins, I'm sorry. Nothing against the kid.
The girls is a little harder, but Jeanette was ROBBED.
After watching some of the season 4 performances, I"m sorry Season 4 was way better. There weren't to many prop dances, no benches, beds, boats, doors. What happend. I'm not blaming any source for this but, season 5 while with exceptional danCERS, it didn't have the exceptional danCING. To reiterate, I don't believe there is a sole catalyst for the lack of something this season but, many dancers who should be in the end or closer to it, were robbed. Sorry so Long!!! LOL

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