Crystal Harris Hints at Upcoming 'Girls Next Door' Episodes

Despite the former stars' disapproval of the new The Girls Next Door, the series continues with even more activities lined up. Having wrapped up the filming for the first season, Hugh Hefner's current No. 1 girlfriend Crystal Harris teased about the most exciting episodes they've recorded.

On her official website, the 23-year-old Playboy model declared how thrilled she is at the upcoming scenes for The Girls Next Door. She's even in disbelief still.

"I'm back in LA now, and still trying to get the fact that i'm a playmate to sink in!! I am so grateful for everything that has come my way this year, and appreciate it all so much," she wrote.

"We have also officially wrapped this season of The Girl's Next Door. There are 10 episodes in total, we have six down, and four more to go." But among all those memories that Crystal Harris has made with Hugh Hefner, there are certain highlights she wants to share with the fans.

"One of my favorite upcoming episodes is episode 9, the episode where I record a song in memory of my dad," Harris explained. "Its a very emotional episode, but the one that I hold closest to my heart."

She also listed down the next few events for The Girls Next Door. The seventh episode will feature her and the Shannon Twins "working with different charities." Following that, we'll get a visit from Kendra Wilkinson herself.

The mom-to-be is set to appear on the eighth episode of the show, which Crystal says will be about "Kendra's baby shower." As for the last installment this season, the girls will look back on their time with Hef in the Playboy Mansion.

But even though they've finished their first run as The Girls Next Door, Crystal Harris and the others have plans outside the show.

"As the season winds down, I am just spending the time reflecting on the past year here, and working on a few side projects," she announced. "I am continuing to explore voice and music, working on a few things for my store on the site, and looking into finishing my degree in psychology."

If there's one person to thank for all her success, it's of course the Playboy mogul himself. Crystal exclaimed, "I owe it all to a certain special someone in my life, Hef, and also, to all of you who watch the show and believe in me."

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