New A-Team Posters Revealed

New character posters for Joe Carnahan's The A-Team have gone online today, giving us another look at the reimagined characters looking all iconic. But that's not all; in the new Empire, out today, director Joe Carnahan tantalised us with talk of cameos from original cast members.

Dwight Schultz (the original Murdoch) and Dirk Benedict (Face) both cameo in this film, but the other surving star, Mr. T, is nowhere to be seen - or is he? "Actually, Mr. T and I have become quite chummy recently," hints Carnahan. "We had lunch just last week. I don't know that [his involvement] is completely out of the park. I showed him a bunch of stuff and he loved it. I guess the thing is, do we have time to do it in the time we have left? Or do we want to save him for a bigger thing, should we do another film?"

So what, Mr. T as a bad guy in a sequel? "He'd be a great villain, totally unexpected. Wouldn't that be perfect?"

It is all, of course, wild speculation and mere rumour right now, but what's more fun than wild speculation? Apart from a bouncy castle full of bubble-wrap, anyway.

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